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1win Aviator

1win Aviator is a game released in 2019 by the Spribe brand. This developer made its leap to fame immediately with this crash type game. The airplane betting game is very popular because in addition to generating interesting winnings, it is very simple to play. 

1win Aviator is a crash type game in 2D format, so it is considered to have simple graphics. However, it is very entertaining and also completely legal and transparent. It is a 97.3% RTP game, so it is considered a high RTP game. The betting range in this game is quite wide and it has a maximum multiplier of 10,000 times the bet. It is considered a game of medium volatility, so the frequency of winnings can be interesting for players.

1win Aviator is a game that you can enjoy both on iOS and Android and in fact you can even play it for free at 1win. In addition, it is a game with RNG system, so it is completely transparent as the company Spribe has great reputation and international license from both Malta (MGA) and the United Kingdom (UKGC) and operates under serial license N. 000-057302-R-333085-001.

How to play 1win Aviator?

The game of Aviator, as it is commonly known, is really simple. Contrary to what many people may think, it is precisely its simplicity that makes it very attractive. Do you want to know how to play Aviator? Well, we’ll tell you how. 

In addition to its simple graphics, this game is very simple in its dynamics. It is a multiplier type crash game. This means that Aviator is a game that increases your bet several times according to its game mechanics. 

1win Aviator is about placing a bet before the game starts and then just watching the game unfold until you have to make a decision. Among the real money gambling games, this version is about investing your money while the plane is on the runway and withdrawing before the plane has finally taken off.

The biggest thrill of this game is not to retire too early in order to take advantage of the maximum multiplier, but also not to wait too long because once the plane has taken off, you will have lost everything you have multiplied.  

Features 1win Aviator

1win Aviator, despite being a simple game in its graphics, is quite interesting in its functions and features. The interface is simple, considered 2D and therefore one of the most basic of its generation. It does not have splendorous visuals as many slots usually have nowadays, but its visual projection is pleasing to the eye by combining very well the red color with a dark background. 

Let’s take a look at the main features and special functions of Aviator below to discover for yourself what makes this game special. 

Live Chat

One of the main features that stand out in Aviator is its live chat. In this feature you can interact with other players in real time while enjoying your game. This feature is ideal for when you play Aviator on platforms that offer tournaments and other promotions where you compete against other players. 

You can find this function in the game display in the advantage with the chat icon. 

Double bet

This game offers 2 betting boxes that you can activate simultaneously. In fact, you can activate one in one moment and another one in other constant moments with a difference of seconds between one and the other, in case it works as a winning strategy when playing Aviator. You can also bet different amounts if you prefer. This game gives you room to try all the strategies you consider. 

Automatic game

If you are one of those who prefer to set things up so that they generate money on their own, 1win Aviator gives you the opportunity to enjoy its automatic mode. Just click on the «automatic» button before placing a bet, and a special menu will immediately pop up where you can set all the parameters for Aviator to play by itself according to your instructions. 

Here you not only configure Aviator to start the games by itself, but you also determine in which situations to close your bets. You have to choose 3 situations in which to stop the game, which are:

  • If the multiplier effect decreases by a certain amount
  • If the multiplier effect increases by a certain amount
  • If you reach or exceed a certain individual gain


Among the special functions of Aviator game is that you can also look at the statistics history in real time. This way you can know how other users’ bets are going at the time of your game.

This function is important for those users who want to play the odds. The greater the misses of other players, the greater your chances of a big win.  

Tips and tricks for playing 1win Aviator

Tips and tricks for playing 1win Aviator

Aviator game is an attraction where the main purpose is to have fun. However, the fun is always greater if you manage to win. Here are some tips and tricks that you can apply to be more successful in your Aviator games. 

Take advantage of special features

Aviator is a game with special functions and features that you can take advantage of to win more. Here are some examples of how to achieve this in each of these functions. 

  • Double bet: since you must close your bet before the plane takes off so as not to lose all your bets, you can play double bets by withdrawing the first bet, which would be for a higher amount, and risking the second bet, which would be for a much lower amount, for a longer period of time. 
  • Live chat: you can consult tips and strategies with other more experienced players.
  • Statistics: you can know how other users’ bets are going and thus know the winning odds in the 1win Aviator game at the time of your game. 

We do not highly recommend automatic bets, although we do suggest trying them out because you as a player may find the strategy that best suits your style of play. 

Applies strategies

  • Martingale
  • Inverted Martingale
  • Fibonacci


Playing 1win Aviator is to enjoy a game that although it is simple, it multiplies emotions and winnings with great adrenaline. In our website you can try the free version of Aviator, and we can also recommend several online casinos to play this game with the best bonuses. The best of all is that you can enjoy it from your mobile if you wish and that it is a completely legal and easy to play attraction. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play 1win Aviator from my cell phone?

Yes, Aviator is a game that you can enjoy from Android and iOS alike. You can enjoy it from casino apps or even from mobile optimized version through the browser. 

How to win playing 1win Aviator?

Take advantage of special features such as double betting to apply strategies. You can also share tips through Aviator’s live chat by interacting with other users.